Master alchemist
Sigilian Alchemists are scholars who have dedicated their efforts to bridging the gap between Magic and Science .

The Scientific Exploration of Magic

The most common expression of Alchemy is in the use of scientific methods to describe magical artifacts, beings and phenomena. 

Cryptozoologic Biology

The Careful systematic study of magic creatures. can include field observation, specimen collection, dissection, vivisection, and genetics.


The pursuit of the origins of magical energies both in a case by case basis and as a whole. Metaphysisists seek to conform magical conjectures to the Laws of conservation of Mass and Energy. This field also classifies where certain Magical events fall on the Electromagnetic spectrum. and further seeks to identify magical events as Thermal, Chemical, Molecular, atomic or even sub atomic reactions.

Magically Assisted Science

The other expression of Alchemy is where Magic is utilized by the Alchemist to speed Scientific progress.

Test Scrying

A technique where researchers utilize Magical Scrying to observe laboratory tests, This ranges from microscopic Scrying to the observation of Astronomical bodies.

Precognitive Research

A technique where the researcher utilizes prophetic mediums to speed through research efforts.


The practice of integrating Magical elements into pieces of technology

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