You have some significant perquisite or fringe benefit. The exact nature of the benefit is for you and the Gamemaster to determine. As a rule of thumb, it should not exceed the benefits of any other advantage, or a power effect costing 1 point. It should also be significant enough to cost at least 1 Character point. An example is Diplomatic Immunity . A license to practice law or medicine, on the other hand, should not be considered a Benefit; it’s simply a part of having training in the appropriate Expertise skill and has no significant game effect.


Benefits may come in ranks for improved levels of the same benefit. The GM is the final arbiter as to what does and does not constitute a Benefit in the setting. Keep in mind some qualities may constitute Benefits in some series, but not in others, depending on whether or not they have any real impact on the game.


The following are some potential Benefits.

Alternate Identity: You have an alternate identity, complete with legal paperwork (driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.). This is different from a costumed identity, which doesn’t necessarily have any special legal status (but may in some settings).

Ambidexterity: You are equally adept using either hand, suffering no circumstance penalty for using your off-hand (as you don’t have one).

Cipher: Your true history is well hidden, making it difficult to dig up information about you. Investigation checks concerning you are made at a –5 circumstance penalty per rank in this benefit.

Diplomatic Immunity: By dint of your diplomatic status, you cannot be prosecuted for crimes in nations other than your own. All another nation can do is deport you to your home nation.

Security Clearance: You have access to classified government information, installations, and possibly equipment and personnel.

Status: By virtue of birth or achievement, you have special status. Examples include nobility, knight-hood, aristocracy, and so forth.

Wealth: You have greater than average wealth or material resources, such as well-off (rank 1), independently wealthy (rank 2), a millionaire (rank 3), multi-millionaire (rank 4), or billionaire (rank 5).




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