The power to 
fly without any outside influence.
Flight -


Power to fly or otherwise move through the air using varying methods. Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can fly. Users are generally able to Levitate, and Glide as well.


Energy Propulsion

Cosmic energy control: Using power from the universe (Sun, Moon, Stars)

Elemental Flight: Fly through manipulation of different types of energy and matter, either by riding the element/energy or being propelled by it.

Energy Propulsion: Denying gravity (Energy Blasts, Life-Force Manipulation)

Gravitational manipulation: Flies by controlling the gravity around the user by (Gravity Manipulation, Centrifugal Force Manipulation)

Magnetic levitation : Makes user magnetically repellant (Magnetism Manipulation)

Molecular Manipulation : Flies by having user pass through air molecules (Molecular Manipulation)

Sonic repulsion field: Launch oneself with sound (Sound Manipulation, Sonic Scream)

Telekinesis : User picks up their own molecules (Telekinesis)

Thermo-chemical energy: Launch oneself off the ground by heat or combustion (Jet Propulsion)

Object Propulsion

Broom Flight

Physical Propulsion

Insectoid/Bird form (Avian Physiology or Insect Physiology)

Angel/Devil form (Angelic Physiology or Demonic Physiology)

Wind current control (Air Manipulation or Weather Manipulation)

Wings (Wing Manifestation or Elemental Wings Manifestation)

Use of hair (Hair Manipulation)

Using the ears (Leporid Physiology or Elephant Physiology)

Other body parts (Helicopter Propulsion)

Other (such as Powers Via Object)

Unknown Propulsion

Avoiding the notice of gravity: "Missing the Earth" as you fall, this is actually what keeps satellites up there.

Gravity negation: Fly by ignoring gravity


Aquatic: You can move underwater as easily as in the air. You have a water speed equal to your Flight rank, minus 2, subject to the usual rules for swimming (see Athletics for details). You can make Athletics checks to swim as routine checks. This power does not allow you to breathe underwater (for that see Immunity). This is the Swimming power as an Alternate Effect. Flat +1 point. Continuous: Continuous Flight operates even when the user is incapacitated or otherwise unable to sustain it. The user remains hanging in the air, maintaining relative position to the ground, if necessary. Alternately, the user might float safely down to the ground when unable to maintain Flight as a kind of “safety net,” your choice when you apply the modifier. +1 cost per rank.

Subtle: The default Flight effect is noticeable, whether from the rush of air, the roar of jets, or a glowing contrail or aurora, for example. This modifier reduces, and then eliminates, these traces. If your Flight is completely Subtle, you do not need to make Stealth checks to move silently while flying (you do so automatically), although you may still need to do so to avoid being seen or otherwise detected. Flat +1 or 2 points.


Atmospheric Adaptation


Interstellar Travel


Supersonic Flying

Wing Manifestation


May require air/atmosphere to maintain lift.

May require apparatus to control direction and altitude.

May be limited to a particular length of time they are able to spend flying.

May be limited in speed or acceleration.

May cold suffer from altitude sickness if not careful, unless the users have adapting skills to the changes to altitudes.

See Atmospheric Adaptation

Unless the users has Vacuum Adaptation, they usually can't go beyond the borders of a planet, like Earth.


Concentration: Flight requiring concentration means you can fly, but can’t do much else at the same time. –1 cost per rank. Distracting: You are not very maneuverable and therefore vulnerable while flying (see Vulnerable condition). –1 cost per rank.

Gliding: You fly by gliding on wind currents. Your maximum gliding distance is limited to the vertical distance rank of your starting height, plus your flight speed rank. You may be able to gain altitude occasionally by catching thermal updrafts and winds at the GM’s discretion. Other-wise you must land at the end of your maximum distance. –1 cost per rank.

Levitation: You can only move vertically, straight up and down, and not side to side, although you can allow yourself to be carried along in the direction of the wind horizontally. –1 cost per rank.

Platform: Your Flight is reliant on some sort of platform on which you stand or sit. If you fail a resistance check while flying, or you are grabbed by someone standing on the ground, you’re knocked or pulled off your platform and cannot fly. You can regain the use of your flying platform by reactivating your Flight effect on your next turn. –1 cost per rank.

Wings: You have wings that allow you to fly, but they run the risk of being fouled or restrained, which prevents you from flying. If you are immobilized, restrained, or bound, you cannot fly. You can regain the use of your wings by reactivating your Flight effect once you are no longer affected by the aforementioned conditions. –1 cost per rank.


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