Doctor Druid's Sanctum from Secret Defenders Vol 1 15 001

The Druidic Sanctum is the residence of Doctor Druid. The building is located in Boston.

Druidic Sanctum
Location 69 Beacon St, Boston, Massachusetts
Size Medium/ Huge
Toughness 12


The Druidic Sanctum looks like a normal townhouse except there is cypress bark where the foundation would normally show. This is because the building doesn’t have a foundation, instead it is rooted. The sanctum wasn’t built; it was grown from four great cypress trees and shaped into a townhouse.


  • Druid

Former residents



Images of Ikonn 12 The Sanctum has been magically disguised as a measure to keep undesirables away.

Defense System

Vishanti's Shield  16 After acquiring the house, Doctor Druid cast a permanent, intricate spell of mystical force to protect it.

Dual Size

Medium/Huge- There seems to be more space inside than there would seem to be from outside.  Some corridors form labyrinths, and the arrangement of rooms seems to change by itself.


The High Druid maintains a mystic lab on the third floor; the laboratory is used for the experimentation and research of Natural Magic.


The third floor of the building is specifically the Sanctum, for that is where Ludgate has his meditation room and occult library, where he keeps his repository of ancient artifacts and objects of magical power.

Living Space

The basement contains storage, a furnace, and the laundry. The first floor contains living rooms and dining rooms. The second floor holds living quarters for Ludgate and any guests he may have.


The doors of the living Sanctum seal shut and deny entry to unwelcome visitors.


The location of the Druidic Sanctum is a closely held secret


Summon Nature's Ally 12 The house holds some powerful magical items. To protect these artifacts the Sanctum watches its inhabitants closely and summons nature-based allies to respond to threats.


The High Druid maintains a workshop on the third floor; the workshop is used for the study and enchantment of Mystical Artifacts.


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