A flaming ember that embodies the essence of Pyromancy.




Fire Manipulation


Dr. Strange and the Ancient One used the Flames of the Faltine under the form of everlasting mystic candles to travel out through time and space and escape Kaluu.

A short time, Strange summoned the Flames of the Faltine to create a circle of fire, trying to protect Clea from Umar.


Fire Manipulation- The most commonly used purpose of the Flames of the Faltine is for offensive attack. Magic users can call upon the Flames of the Faltine to project a wave of green flaming energy. They can also be dispersed as concentrated fireballs of green eldritch energy.

While the Flames of the Faltine do not necessarily burn it's targets on a physical level, they can burn out the effects of other spells and even conventional ailments such as illness and poisons.

Invoking the Flames of the Faltine can also be used to counter certain entrapment spells, such as the Roving Rings of Raggadorr. In contrast, they can also be used to reverse such spells that have already been erected.

Limited Variable 21


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