For Millinia the people of Sigil grew and spread. They dispersed across the heavens and filled worlds. In their growing and spreading they grew apart. Those that were brothers became diverse in form and creed. Worse yet these brothers came to hate one another. Squabbles became wars. the years of war came to outnumber the days of peace. there were those that came to believe that the varied races and creed could not coexist.

There came a Worldbreaker who directed his hate at the Omni. He attacked the Omni with blow after blow; it would not break, but under it's surface, fissures formed; and with each strike the fissures multiplied. The Worldbreaker grew weary and collapsed baffled that the orb withstood his onslaught.

Outside the forum, the effects of the attack were evident. The initial blow shattered reality into many divergent facets and each subsequent blow shattered those facets into branches and sequels. As reality split, entire worlds and sectors were pulled into their own separate quantum streams creating new self contained realities. theirs was no longer a Universe, but a multiverse of multiverses, an Omniverse.

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