You can speak and understand additional languages. With one rank in this advantage, you know an additional language. For each additional rank, you double your additional known languages: two at rank 2, four at rank 3, eight at rank 4, etc. So a character with Languages 7 is fluent in 64 languages! Characters are assumed to be fluent in any languages they know, including being able to read and write in them.

For the ability to understand any language, see Comprehend effect in Powers.


Characters are assumed to be literate in their native language and any other language they know. At the GM’s discretion, characters may have to spend an additional Languages rank to be literate in a language with a different alphabet or style of writing from the character’s native language (such as Arabic, Japanese kanji or Russian Cyrillic for an English speaker). Completely illiterate characters are faced with a potential Disability complication during the game.

The Language Barrier

Generally speaking, languages are not terribly important in comic book superhero stories except as background color or occasional plot complications. Gamemasters should allow players with characters fluent in other languages the occasional opportunity to show them off or put them to good use. If you specifically set up the language barrier as an obstacle by confronting the heroes with a language they cannot possibly understand, that should count as a complication and be worth a Victory point.


D20 Hero SRD Advantages Article-

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