Accurate Attack (Advantage)Acrobatic Bluff (Advantage)Acrobatics (Skill)
Adam (S17)Affricka (M15)Affrickaan Army (M15)
Africa (M15)Agamotto's Blinding Light (Spell)Agamotto's Sight (Spell)
Agamotto's Transmutation (Spell)Agility (Ability)Aid (Spell)
AlchemistsAlertness (Advantage)All-Out Attack (Advantage)
Animal Empathy (Advantage)Anomaly Rue (Feature)Ardent (Sigil)
Arkham Asylum (D-0)Arkham Asylum (D-1)Arnus Prime (D14)
Artificer (Advantage)Assessment (Advantage)Athas (S10)
Athletics (Skill)Atlantis (D0)Atlantis (M15)
Atlantis (M616)Awareness (Ability)Axe of Angarruumus (M616)
Baleful Summoning (Spell)Balic (S10)Battering Blast (Spell)
Benefit (Advantage)Bigby's Force Sculpture (Spell)Blackout Goggles
Blazing Eyes (Spell)Blind-Fight (Advantage)Bloodborne Menace (Technique)
Brew Potion (Advantage)Cadmus (D14)Caesar (D0)
Calista Aarens (D0)Capitaline (Sigil)Captain Amarica's Motorcycle (M616)
Castle Tower (M12)Character SheetChokehold (Advantage)
Clairion Tachyon TransmitterCloak of Levitation (M616)Close Attack (Advantage)
Close Combat (Skills)Columbia (Sigil)Combat Casting (Advantage)
Command (Spell)Commune of Oshtur (Spell)Communications (Feature)
Computer (Feature)Concealed (Feature)Cone of Cold (Spell)
Connected (Advantage)Contacts (Advantage)Continual Flame (Spell)
Control Weather (Spell)Cosmos OlympusCounterattack (Advantage)
Crashing Thunder (Spell)Crimson Bands of Cyttorak (Spell)Crimson Sphere (S10)
Crushing Pin (Advantage)Cyrus Gold (D4)Dabney Donavan (D14)
Darkness of the Divine Conduit (Spell)Deception (Skills)Defense System (Feature)
Defensive Attack (Advantage)Defensive Roll (Advantage)Dexterity (Ability)
Diehard (Advantage)Dimensional Portal (Feature)Dinosuar Island (M15)
Disrupting Advance (Technique)Dodge (Defense)Dominate (Spell)
Druidic Sanctum (M616)Dual Size (Feature)Earth (D')
Earth (D10)Earth (D2)Earth (D4)
Earth (M616)Earth D14 KandorEarth D15
Earth D43 BaalEast End (M15)Eiren Alph (S16)
Elah Assault PistolElseworlds WikiEvasion (Advantage)
Expertise (Skill)Extinction War (M15)Extraordinary Effort (Advantage)
Fast Grab (Advantage)Fast Overrun (Advantage)Favored Foe (Advantage)
Fearless (Advantage)Fighting (Ability)Fire Aura (Spell)
Fire Bolt (Spell)Fire Prevention System (Feature)Fire Shield (Spell)
Fire Storm (Spell)Fireball (Spell)Firebelly (Spell)
Flames of the Faltine (M616)Flanaess (S10)Fly (Spell)
Force Punch (Spell)Force String RealitiesForging of the Omni
Fortitude (Defense)Frank Castiglione (M12)Freeman Penthouse (D14)
GRU Infil-SuitGaea's Bounty (Spell)Garage (Feature)
Globe of Invulnerability (Spell)Gotham City (D-1)Gotham City (D4)
Gotham City (M15)Gotham Sewer Safehouse (M15)Grabbing Finesse (Advantage)
Great Endurance (Advantage)Great SunderingGreyspace (S10)
Grimjack's BandoleerGym (Feature)HYDRA (M15)
HYDRA Europa Division (M15)Hand Tower (S10)Hangar (Feature)
Hazhazh (D0)Heal (Spell)Heat Wave (Spell)
Heighten Effect (Advantage)Henry Icehouse (D4)Hive (Sigil)
Hoggoth's Projection (Spell)Hold (Spell)Holding Cell (Feature)
Images of Ikonn (Spell)Improved Aim (Advantage)Improved Critical (Advantage)
Improved Defense (Advantage)Improved Disarm (Advantage)Improved Grab (Advantage)
Improved Hold (Advantage)Improved Initiative (Advantage)Improved Overrun (Advantage)
Improved Smash (Advantage)Improved Trip (Advantage)Incendiary Cloud (Spell)
Infimary (Feature)Infinity Formula (M616)Initiative (Character)
Insight (Skill)Instant Up (Advantage)Intellect (Ability)
Interpose (Advantage)Intimidation (Skill)Investigate (Skill)
Iron Skin (Spell)Jack of All Trades (Advantage)Jacob Harper (D14)
Jethro Thrustan (D53)John Gaunt (S10)Jupiter Imperator S6
K Rad CasterKryptonians (D14)Laboratory (Feature)
Language (Advantage)Leashed Shackels (Spell)Levitate (Spell)
Libby Jurgrens (D14)Library (Feature)Life Model Decoy (M616)
Light of Last Resort (Spell)Lightning Strike (Spell)Living Space (Feature)
Lood's Focus (M616)Mage's Sword (Spell)Mages Disjunction (Spell)
Maggia (M12)Magic Missile (Spell)Magic Weapon (Spell)
Mass Heal (Spell)Matthew Goodman (S16)Medkit
Mind Blank (Spell)Mists of Morpheus (Spell)Mk III Skeeter Droid (D14)
Mobile (Feature)Mobility (Advantage)Move-by-Action (Advantage)
Munden's BarMuspelhiem (M616)Mystic Bolts of the Vishanti (Spell)
Nanda Parbat (M15)Nick Fury (M15)Null Field Bracers
Oerth (S10)OmniOnnwal (S10)
Ophelia Sarkissian (M15)Orb of Agamotto (M616)Orion Kravenoff (M15)
Parry (Defense)Path of the Vishanti (Spell)Path to Purity (M15)
Patriot Exo-Skeleton (M616)Perception (Skill)Personnel (Feature)
Persuasion (Skill)Planet Earth (M12)Planet Earth (M15)
Power Attack (Advantage)Power System (Feature)Precise Attack (Advantage)
Presence (Ability)Prone Fighting (Advantage)Pyromancy (Spell)
Pyroport (Spell)Q-DoorQuick Draw (Advantage)
Quicken Spell (Advantage)Radiance (S1)Ranged Attack (Advantage)
Ranged Combat (Skill)Ray of Enfeeblement (Spell)Regenerate (Spell)
Ritualist (Advantage)RobesSHIELD Beta Armor
SHIELD Bunker Safehouses (M616)SHIELD Field ArmorySHIELD Field Sling
SHIELD Infil-SuitSHIELD Needle PistolSHIELD Tool Kit
Salvatore Vulcan (S16)Sanction of the Octessence (Spell)Sanctum Library (Feature)
Sanctum Sanctorum Holding Cells (Feature)Sanctum Vaults (Feature)Sandman Rail Rifle
Savage Sweep (Technique)Scribe Scroll (Advantage)Scrying (Spell)
Sealed (Feature)Second Chance (Advantage)Secret (Feature)
Security System (Feature)SentinelsSentinels of Justice (D4)
Seven Rings of Raggadorr (Spell)Shadowspawn (Sigil)Shatterbone
Shield of the Saraphim (Spell)Sieze Initiative (Advantage)Skill Mastery (Advantage)
Slag Touch (Spell)Slight of Hand (Skill)Sneak Attack
Sol System (D')Sol System (D10)Sol System (D14)
Sol System (D2)Sol System (D4)Sol System (M616)
Solomon Grundy (D-0)Sons of Liberty (D14)Sorcerer Supreme (Benefit)
Spell Focus (Advantage)Spring Attack (Advantage)St. Elvis' Vial
St. John's KnivesStamina (Ability)Startle (Advantage)
Stealth (Skill)Strength (Ability)Sub Diego (M15)
Subterranea (M12)Summon Bigby's Mystical Hand (Spell)Summon Nature's Ally (Spell)
Summon Thor's Mystical Hand (Spell)Tachyon AnsibleTakedown (Advantage)
Taker's Skill (Advantage)Tanelorn (Sigil)Taunt (Advantage)
Technology (Skill)The Furies (O1)The Omniverse
The Sources of PowerTheresa Power (S16)Thor Odinson (M3)
Throwing Mastery (Advantage)Time Bog (Spell)Time Stop (Spell)
Toughness (Defense)Tracking (Advantage)Trance (Advantage)
Treatment (Skill)Ultimate Effort (Advantage)Unburning (Spell)
Uncanny Dodge (Advantage)United States (D-1)United States (D4)
United States (M15)Unseen Hand of Hoggoth (Spell)Unwritten Destiny (Advantage)
Vehicle (Skill)Vishanti's Beacon (Spell)Vishanti's Shield (Spell)
Wall of Force (Spell)Wealthy (Benefit)Weapon Finesse (Advantage)
Weapon Focus (Advantage)Whirlwind Attack (Advantage)Widow's Bite
Will (Defense)Wings of Liberty (D14)Wolfpac Sword
Workshop (Feature)Yelena Belova (M15)

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