The saloon in Sigil that Grimjack uses as his base of operations.


Munden’s Bar








"A small dive in the heart of the omniversal city of Sigil." Owned by John Gaunt, with Gordon as the barman, Munden's has hosted many illustrious visitors from other realities who have wandered into the city unknowingly.


  • John Gaunt—Owner.
  • Gordon Munden—Manager. Took over the bar following Gaunt's first and, presumably, second death.
  • Bob—Watch-lizard.
  • Harry Martin—Part-time bartender. An old friend of Gordon's, Gordon hired Harry after rescuing him from the The House of Lillith.
  • Jason Nines—Sentient robot became bartender after faking his "death".


Concealed- The basement facilities are known only by a select few.

Communications- Munden's is tied into Sigil's telecoms infrastructure; Gaunt installed a Tachyon Ansible to facilitate Inter-dimensional communication while he's on a case.

Computer- In the basement Gaunt set up his mainfraim. The register and supply system for the main floor are networked in as are all of Munden's residents on the second floor. The Network is tied to the Signet and is accesssible to Gaunt's Clairion Transmitter through Munden's Ansible.

Dimensional Portal- A patron installed a Q-Door in John's Secret workshop in the basement

Living Space-  The Ground Floor is home to the Bar, open to paying customers when ever they come in. The bar can comfortably seat two and a half dozen patrons and also offers a grill menu for those looking for something to eat; there ia a VIP lounge on the second floor to accommodate guests who require more privacy. The Bar Staff have rooms and a common bathroom on the second floor while Grimjack maintains a crashpad in the basement.

Power System- The entire building is powered by a Cryo-Fusion Reactor housed in the basement.

Security- The Storage room droplift has an activation code, and Bob the Lizard has also assumed the role of protector of the establishment.

Workshop- Grimjack uses the cellar beneath the bar as a Tactical support center complete with a hidden workshop with repair and examination tools


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