The installation has a staff of personnel commensurate with its size and facilities. The staff is made up of characters created and controlled by the GM and tasked with servicing does. If this feature is taken twice, the structure will even rebuild itself in a week if it is destroyed! If it cannot rebuild in its original location, it reappears in the nearest suitable place.

Note that an installation’s personnel do not have to be ordinary humans. They could be service robots, magical golems, animated skeletons, enslaved aliens, trained apes, or just about anything else the GM chooses to fit with the theme of the base and its owner(s).

The following guidelines may be helpful in describing and defining installation Personnel in game terms.

  • Personnel should always be considered minions (per the rules given under Conflicts).

Non-minions should be regular non-player characters rather than personnel. * Personnel should not be useful outside of the context of the installation for the most part. Underlings that accompany characters away from the installation should be acquired via Summon, Minions, or Sidekick. * Personnel are subject to the power level limits of the installation and the series, and the GM may require them to be even lower level (6 or less, for example). * Personnel can create complications for the owners of the installation, ranging from the need to protect them from potential harm (or rescue them from danger) to interpersonal conflicts or even betrayals.


D20 Hero SRD Installations article-

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