Dexterity • Manipulation

You can perform dexterous feats of legerdemain such as palming small objects, picking pockets, slipping out of restraints, and so forth. Stage magicians use Sleight of Hand legitimately as a performance skill, but it is most commonly known for its criminal applications.

Sleight of Hand pro perk MW3


You can use Sleight of Hand to conceal a small item on your person, making your check result the DC of an Investigation or Perception check to find it.


You can use Slight of Hand to contort your body. Make a DC 30 Sleight of Hand check to fit through a tight space wide enough for your head but too narrow for the width of your shoulders, or to reach through an opening wide enough for your hand, but too narrow for your arm.


Make a Sleight of Hand check to slip out of various restraints. This takes at least a minute per check.

You can also make a Sleight of Hand check to plant a small object on someone, slip something into their pocket, drop something into their drink, place a tiny radio tracer on them, and so forth. To plant the object, you must get a check result of 20 or higher, regardless of the opponent’s check result. The opponent notices the attempt if his check result beats yours, whether you succeed in planting the item or not.











Power Effect

Escaping from a grab is an Acrobatics or Athletics check. See Grab in Conflict and Contorting, previously, for details.


Minor feats of sleight of hand, such as making a coin or playing card “vanish,” have a DC of 10 unless an observer is focused on noticing what you are doing. When you perform this skill under observation, your check is opposed by the observer’s Perception check to see if they notice the trick.


To covertly take something from another person make a Sleight of Hand check (DC 20). Your target makes a perception check and notices the attempt if his check result beats yours, whether you succeed in taking the object or not.


D20 Hero SRD Slight of Hand Entry-

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