You can spend a Victory point on a particular check and treat the roll as a 20 (meaning you don’t need to roll the die at all, just apply a result of 20 to your modifier). This is not a natural 20, but is treated as a roll of 20 in all other respects. You choose the particular check the advantage applies to when you acquire it and the GM must approve it. You can take Ultimate Effort multiple times, each time, it applies to a different check. This advantage may not be used after you’ve rolled the die to determine if you succeed.


The following are some potential Ultimate Efforts. The GM is free to add others suitable to the series.

  • Ultimate Aim: When you take a standard action to aim an attack (see Aim), you can spend a Victory point to apply a 20 result to the attack check on the following round. Since the Ultimate Aim bonus is not a natural 20, it also does not qualify as an automatic or critical hit.
  • Ultimate Resistance:

You can spend a Victory point to apply a 20 result to a resistance check with one defense determined when you acquire this advantage.

  • Ultimate Skill: You can spend a Victory point to apply a 20 result to checks with a particular skill.


D20 Hero SRD Advantages Article-

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